Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Does anyone know a really cool place to buy belt buckles?

i collect belt buckles i would like it to be on the cheaper side but whatever

Does anyone know a really cool place to buy belt buckles?
a horse tack shop

www.coolbuckles.com Report It

Reply:Best place for real coo belt Buckles...............www.cool... Report It


Send me email cruise@winkuan.net Report It

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Ways to keep blanket buckles from making so much noise in the washer/dryer?

i normally go to the laundry mat to wash my horses blankets (yes i always wait till the last minute) but wash his sheets in my parents front load washer and dryer... what can i do with the buckles to keep them quiet to keep my dad quiet and be able to wash my horse%26#039;s sheets at home?

Ways to keep blanket buckles from making so much noise in the washer/dryer?
I agree w/ Leslie about the horse hairs. Ya have to make sure ya wipe out the barrel of the washer afterwards, since after the final rinse they are all over.

Socks tied off over buckles will work well...I would use the old tube socks, cut off the toe...and slide the sock over the buckle..then buckle the buckles and roll the socks over the buckles, and tie the ends to keep them from sliding w/ torn bits of extra flannel from my flannel wraps, yarn works, so do shoe laces....no rubber tho.

Good luck!
Reply:maybe put tape on them? idk, i usually hose mine down and take a scrub brush to it.
Reply:Put socks around all of the metal pieces and then rubber band them tightly!
Reply:you could wrap the buckles in polo wraps and clean them both at the same time.
Reply:Try putting them in a pillowcase.
Reply:roll the buckles up a little bit so they are wrapped in the straps then use a piece of string to tie them there (dont use rubber in the dryer)... another way is to get or make several drawstring pouches and put the buckles in there (works well for the buckles that dont have straps)
Reply:Try wrapping socks around them.

Also, be forewarned, horse hairs are notorious for sticking around in the washer/dryer. This may lead to some grumbling from your dad when he begins to find horse hairs in his underwear {my dad certainly made his opinion known:) }
Reply:Wrap them in something - I tie on an old sock to keep them quiet. You have to tie it a few times with yarn, it works.

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Girls...What do you think about belt buckles on guys?

I wear cool belt buckles like ones w/ skulls, or double guns, or something with eagles on it. Do girls like when guys wear belt buckles?

p.s. I live in Dallas....

Girls...What do you think about belt buckles on guys?
It depends...if they%26#039;re covered in diamonds or something, then forget it. Skulls and double guns are kind of cool, but I think old biker dude when I see eagles.
Reply:There%26#039;s nothing rly wrong with it..It might seem a little flashy though.
Reply:umm i know a lot of my friends wear them and i think they look good and i love them oh guys so i say keep wearing them
Reply:I dont think most girls r into skulls and stuff...maybe in Dallas thought .... IDK ? ??
Reply:I love %26#039;em. :)
Reply:Red Neck...no offense.
Reply:personally no......i%26#039;m not a big fan. But like if your a cowboy or something like that it would be fine. At horse shows I see guys wearing them all of the time. I say it all depends on the girls taste.
Reply:Sure, I think It%26#039;s hott.

Just be yourself and wear what you like. Any girl that loves you will like %26#039;em!!
Reply:its okay i guess

but if u move out of dallas ditch the belt buckles
Reply:no, i don%26#039;t like it...personally. i like these:



http://www.aeropostale.com/product/index... [but not in that color]
Reply:I don%26#039;t have a preference either way. The only time I take exception to a guy wearing a belt buckle is when his huge*ss belly overhangs.
Reply:yea its pretty hot, especially when the buckle says something funny
Reply:belt buckles are great as long as they are on belts.
Reply:I think that guys should stick with simple belt buckles, not too big and clean and simple lines. Armani Exchange usually has a really good selection of belts for men.
Reply:Yes, I think it%26#039;s sexy. Plus, you live in Texas, isn%26#039;t that like the %26quot;Fashion Statement%26quot; of Texas????

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Where can I buy/order strap connectors or buckles for tank tops? Not sure what they're called exactly :(?

My mom has several Harley Davidson tank tops with silver buckles or strap connectors. I%26#039;m not exactly sure what they%26#039;re called, so I%26#039;m having a heck of a time trying to find them online. Several of them have broken, rendering the tank tops unwearable. Does anyone know where I can order some, or what stores might carry them? Knowing what they are truely called would be a great help too. Thanks.

Where can I buy/order strap connectors or buckles for tank tops? Not sure what they%26#039;re called exactly :(?
Try a local fabric store.

Or try Joann fabric online.
Reply:Do you mean the hardware pieces that you find on bra straps as well?

If that%26#039;s what you mean you can try searching for %26quot;sewing supplies bra hooks%26quot; a few came up for me with that search.

Here is an ebay store that seems to have a good variety as well http://stores.ebay.com/Creative-Effex

Of if you want to shop in person try fabric stores or craft stores, fabric stores would most likely have them.

Hope that is what you mean and it helps :)


I am looking for relatives of gloria susan buckles?

i am looking for parents of gloria buckles

I am looking for relatives of gloria susan buckles?
Do you realise you asked on fashion?
Reply:You don%26#039;t say in which Country your searches are based.

In the UK, there are 154 people with the surname Buckles on the Electoral Roll.

By the way, Friends Reunited is now a completely free site.

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Metal Side Release Buckles with Logo on them?

I am looking for a supplier of Metal Side Release buckles that I can have a logo printed on them.

Any help would be great.

Thanks :)

Metal Side Release Buckles with Logo on them?
Sorry, I am not answering this question... you had answered a photoshop question of mine about an outer glow on letters. There was no way to write you, so I am answering this question and hoping you will get it!!!!! Haha. You had said to play around with the outer glow, which I have done. I still cannot get the effect I am looking for. I get nothing even close. Do you have any more specific directions you can give me?


Brass knuckle belt buckles?

Me and my BFF are you to the Georgian Mall

But what store can you find a Brass Knuckle belt buckles??

Brass knuckle belt buckles?
Brass knuckle are illegal not sure u can find them anyplace u might want to try EBAY.

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